Reiki Healing & Training

“Reiki is an art of living, and at the deepest level, Reiki is ONENESS.”

– Paula Horan.

I am a Reiki Master offering Reiki Healing and Training of Reiki Practitioners and Masters in Kenridge, Durbanville in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. I have been trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Reiki Healing. Ever since the start of my counselling practice I was interested in Energy Healing and decided to include energy healing techniques in order to offer a more comprehensive and holistic service to my clients. I was drawn to Reiki Healing especially as it provided the necessary tools for self-healing as well as healing of others. Thanks to my lineage of training, I am schooled in both the Western and Japanese traditions of Reiki Healing.

What is Reiki? 

In the 1920’s a Japanese Buddhist priest, Dr Mikao Usui, rediscovered an ancient way of channelling healing energy, creating the Usui System of Energy Healing, or Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho, which has become better known simply as “Reiki”. In this context, Reiki is a safe, non-intrusive, holistic hands-on healing technique which uses spiritual energy for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the person – body, mind, emotions and spirit – and it can also be used to enhance personal and spiritual awareness and growth.  

The word Reiki is Japanese, and it is pronounced ‘ray-key’ in the West, and ‘lay-key’ in Japan. It is made up of two parts:

REI means Universal Life Giving. It is translated as “sacred”, “soul” or “spirit”, the “wisdom and knowledge of all the Universe” or “atmosphere of the Divine”.  It is the Higher Intelligence which guides the creation and functioning of the Universe, the wisdom which comes from God (or the Source, the Creator, the All That Is) which is all-knowing and understands the need for and cause of all problems and difficulties, and how to heal them.

KI means energy. It is the life-force energy which flows through everything – plants, animals and people, and even rocks and the earth itself.

When these words are put together, the meaning becomes “Spiritual Energy”, “Universal Life-Force Energy” or “God-Directed Life-Force Energy”, meaning a specific band or frequency of healing energy which comes through your own Soul energy, directly from the Source, and which is directed by that Higher Intelligence (through your Higher Self) for healing (or wholing) any living thing. Reiki can be used by people of all religions, philosophies, ages and states of health.

How does a Reiki Healing session work?

The client lies fully clothed on a therapist bed during a Reiki healing session. I incorporate both the Western and Japanese healing techniques in my Reiki sessions. Holding my hands in the auric field and touching the non-invasive areas of the body directly, the Western techniques involve hand positions that starts at the head, then moving gradually over the body treating all the chakras and any other part of the body that I sense might need healing, ending at the feet. The Japanese techniques involve scanning of the aura to sense any blockages in the body as well as brushing and tapping to get rid of stuck energy and awaken the body. I normally treat the back first and then the front of the body, as the client enters a deep sense of relaxation and often falls asleep during treatment, a state I prefer not to disturb too much by asking the client to turn over so that I can treat the back

Distant Healing

The Distant Symbol enables the Reiki Practitioner to establish an energy connection with somebody over distance, borders and even time frames. I only offer Distant Healing on request and will often send general healing to friends in need of emotional or spiritual support. This carries the same energy as prayer would, as you are energetically connected to somebody who can sense your support and the healing you send.

A Distant Healing treatment works differently and can be described as having a telephone call with someone, but on an energetic and non-verbal level.  A Distant Healing session is given on a time that is agreed upon before-hand, to ensure that the client is lying down or asleep in order to receive the treatment safely. Using the Distant Symbol to connect with the client, I do a full treatment using a correspondence, visualising that I am treating the actual person. I offer the option to connect with the client on phone during the treatment. They then lie down with the device on speaker phone and listen to my voice as I explain the treatment moving over their bodies. I do not offer this service online.

Reiki Courses

As a qualified Master-Teacher, I offer three levels of Reiki training: Level 1, which gives you the tools for self-healing and practicing on family and friends, Level 2, which is the Reiki Practitioner Level, and Level 3, the Reiki Master Level. Both the Level 1 and Level 2 courses are run over a full weekend. I expect an integration period of 3 months after Level 1 before accepting a student for Level 2. After Level 2, I expect a practice period of at least 2 years before accepting a Master student. I offer more detail about each of these Reiki Courses:

Reiki Level 1 Course

This course is for anyone who is drawn to Reiki as a personal healing and self-development tool. The curriculum for the Level 1 course includes the following:

• What is Reiki?
      • The history of Reiki
       • Reiki and the energy system of the body
• Reiki and Healing
• Hand positions for self-treatment
• Hand positions for treating others
• Practice Sessions
• Different uses of Reiki
• Reiki Principles
• Guidelines and Exercises

You will receive four Reiki 1 attunements during this course that will enable you to activate Reiki for healing. After the attunements a 21-day clearing process will follow. The course includes guided meditations, and ample time for quiet reflection is also built into the course.


Reiki Level 2 Course

The Reiki Level 2 course deepens the students’ skills and knowledge not only applicable to self-healing, but also to enable the healing and growth of others. This is therefore the Reiki Practitioner level, and students are able to set up a healing practice after completion of this course. I require that students should have worked with and integrated Level 1 for a minimum period of 3 months before applying for this course. During the Level 2 course the following will be taught:

• The three Reiki symbols and its uses
• Hands-on treatment using the symbols
• Scanning and clearing the aura
• Distant Healing Techniques
• Using the symbols in daily life situations
• Creative uses for second level skills including enhancing psychic ability and using crystals
• Energy cleansing for yourself and your environment
• The importance of spiritual development

There will be ample time during this course for practice sessions, meditation and reflection. You will receive two attunements during this course after which a 21-day clearing process will follow. Students who haven’t done Reiki Level 1 with me or who are in need of refreshing their Level 2 training are welcome on the course, but I will require a prior meeting and presentation of your Reiki certificates. You will also be required to receive the attunements again.


Reiki Master Level Course

I teach only one Reiki Master Level Course, which includes both Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher training. The course involves 24 hours of training and can be taught according to the student’s programme and needs, for instance 4 full-days or 8 half-days. There is one Reiki Master attunement received at the completion of the course. Herewith the outline of the course:


Master Practitioner:

• Japanese Healing techniques
• Human Energy System – Advanced Focus
• Psychic Surgery / Aura Cleansing
• Personal and Spiritual Development
• Energy Protection and Cleansing
• Hui Yin Practices
• Master Level Distant Healing
• Crystal Healing
• Spiritual and Business Responsibilities of the Reiki Master
• The Master Symbol and its uses
• The Raku Symbol


Master Teacher:

       • Curriculum for Levels 1, 2 and 3
• Attunement Process for Levels 1, 2 and 3
• Hiroshi Doi’s Japanese Reiju Attunement process
• Violet Breath Technique


Reiki Healing Sessions (1 hour including short consultation): R 500 for first session and R450 for all follow-ups.

Distant Healing Session (approximately 40 minutes): R 300

Reiki Level 1 Course: R 2 200

Reiki Level 2 Course: R 2 200

Reiki Master Course: R 5 000

Important COVID-19 Notice


All Reiki Healing Sessions and Reiki Courses are on hold until we Reach Level 2 of Lockdown regulations. I only offer Distant Healing Sessions during Lockdown Levels 3-5


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