My Online Sessions available via Zoom

“… we need not just mindful leaders, but a mindful society, one where we bring a triple focus: to our own well-being, that of others, and the operations of the broader systems that shape our lives.”

– Daniel Goleman referring to Tim Ryan & Jeffrey D. Sachs –

Even though the focus of my practice is personal contact-based, the reality of the COVID-19 epidemic called for an immediate implementation of online services in order to stay in touch with my clients and to be able to continue a service during this very challenging time. Embracing technology as a valuable tool for my practice means that I can be connected and available to clients across the world, and that warm therapeutic relationships can still be built and maintained via online platforms. My online services are available via Zoom and WhatsApp calls, and I hope to extend this service beyond the Coronavirus epidemic, to be able to stay in touch with clients over long distance and internationally.

Online Counselling

Individual counselling: 

I offer the therapeutic space online to deal with general concerns experienced and exacerbated by the current COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown: excessive stress, health concerns, financial and work concerns, relationship difficulties and abuse, spiritual concerns. In addition, I can assist with the following: mood disorders, depression and anxiety, identity integration, LGBTQI counselling, HIV counselling, dealing with disease and terminal illness and grief counselling.


Couple counselling: 

Normally and especially during the current lockdown, relationships can experience crisis situations due to external stressors or internal dynamics that are normally easily ignored or avoided if couples spend little time together. I offer relationship and marriage counselling for all couples regardless of sexual orientation or religious affiliation, in order to assist them in addressing their difficulties and challenges.


Trauma Counselling:

I offer online trauma debriefing and trauma counselling for individuals, couples and teams dealing with COVID-19 related traumas, deaths and abuse, as well as other immediate traumas like robberies and accidents. I follow a Mindfulness process in helping clients cope with the effects of the trauma, and teach them self-help skills to deal with the trauma response.



All counselling fees are charged at R700 per hour.

Meditation Classes

During stressful times and even more so now as we are adjusting to the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, the practice of meditation is vital in assisting us to stay present in the moment and develop awareness of our internal processes. It also assists us in developing the clarity of mind needed to respond to our situations from a position of power. I offer the following:

Group Meditation Classes:

I offer a 60-minute guided meditation session via Zoom online. Currently I offer it on Wednesday evenings from 19:00-20:00 (South African time) to continue the service for the Mid-Week Meditation Group usually meeting Wednesday evenings. This service can however be extended to accommodate more participants and more time slots. The session usually starts with a silent mindfulness breath meditation. This is followed by a meditation involving visualization, text or mantra meditation.  The session usually ends with a chakra balancing meditation. Beginners as well as existing practitioners in meditation are welcome to join these meditation classes.

One-on-one Meditation Classes:

As for the group session above, I also offer 60-minute guided meditation sessions for individuals via Zoom or WhatsApp calls.


All Meditation Classes are charged at Fees R 750 p/h

Online Mentoring & Coaching


Individual Mentoring & Coaching:

I offer online mentoring and coaching to individuals with the focus on personal development, interpersonal relationship skills, stress management, communication skills, conflict management, health and wellness coaching, mindfulness training and coaching. I follow a holistic and integral approach in mentoring and coaching.

Group Mentoring & Coaching: 

I offer online mentoring and coaching to groups and teams with the focus on team building and development, interpersonal relationship skills, communication skills, conflict management, stress management, health and wellness coaching, creative processes and mindfulness training. I follow a holistic and integral approach in mentoring and coaching.


Individual Mentoring & Coaching: R 750 p/h

Group Mentoring & Coaching: As negotiated per contract.


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