Meditation & Mindfulness Training

“The practice of meditation … invites us to fulfil the capacity

we each have as humans to awaken.”

– Jack Kornfield

Why Mindfulness & Meditation?

Meditation and mindfulness training teaches us to become more mindful, more present, more compassionate, more aware. I realised the value of Meditation and Mindfulness Practices early in my life, and have come to know Mindfulness Meditation as an invaluable aid in assisting us to develop integrated and coherent life stories. 

The greatest benefit from meditation is insight. By training ourselves in mindfulness meditation to be present in each moment with awareness we develop a greater sense of openness of heart and clearer seeing. Through meditation we can actually see what the mind is doing moment by moment. Apart from the insight mentioned above, the process of meditation brings about tranquillity and change. The continual practice of meditation causes mindfulness to grow. The growth of mindfulness brings about changes in the mind. We learn to be present in each moment with awareness. These changes manifest as tranquillity, and when the mind is tranquil, it becomes clearer. Through these changes arise the basis of wisdom, compassion and clarity.

There are also numerous physical and health benefits that flow from the practice of meditation: heart rate slows down and blood pressure decrease, with deepened and slow breathing more oxygen is transported through the blood vessels, your senses awaken and sharpen, with tranquillity in the mind comes sharpened focus, the immune system is strengthened. Meditative awareness reduces tension and heals the body. As I personally experienced these benefits of Meditation which are now well researched and documented, I started teaching Mindfulness Meditation in the groups I mentored, and will also teach it to my individual clients where appropriate. 

I run two Meditation Groups: the Mid-Week Meditation Group that meets Wednesday evenings and the Meditation Group for Health Care Professionals that meets Monday evenings for an hour of guided meditations. I have extended introductory workshops in Mindfulness & Meditation into an intensive 8-Week Meditation Course, during which I teach different forms of Meditation. I am still available to teach short Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation workshops to yoga studios or whoever requires tailor made workshops. I also offer a Meditation Retreat annually at Temenos Retreat Centre in McGregor.

Meditation Classes 

The Mid-Week Meditation Group meets on Wednesday evenings and the Meditation Group for Health Care Professionals meets on Monday evenings for an hour-long guided meditation session. The session usually starts with a silent mindfulness breath meditation. This is followed by a meditation involving either sound, music, movement, visualisation, text or mantra meditation.  The session usually ends with a chakra balancing meditation. Beginners as well as existing practitioners in meditation are welcome to join these meditation and mindfulness training classes.


Those who attend the Meditation Group regularly will be able to attend the 8-week Intensive Meditation Course that will be running on Monday evenings in June-July at discounted cost.

Venue: 8 De Bron Avenue, Kenridge, Durbanville.

Dates: Monday & Wednesday evenings.

Time: 19:00-20:00.

Investment: R100 per session.

Packages: R 400 for 5 sessions, R 600 for 8 sessions, valid for 2 months.

8-Week Intensive Meditation Course

This course is suitable for beginners as well as existing practitioners. The following themes are covered during the 8 weeks:

 What is meditation and why do we meditate?

Breath meditation

Sound meditation

Working with sensations in the body

Working with feelings and emotions

Working with thoughts

Observing the mind and stabilising the mind

Sound and music meditation


Body and Movement meditation

Mantra and Text meditation

Contemplative Prayer

Venue: 8 De Bron Avenue, Kenridge, Durbanville.

Dates: Dates will be announced.

Time: 19:00-20:30.

Cost: R1 350.

Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops


I have been teaching short Introductory workshops on Mindfulness & Meditation at Yogaville in Durbanville as well as at the Durbanville Yoga Centre in the past. I am available to offer these tailor-made morning or afternoon workshops where needed.

Meditation Retreat: Entering the Threshold of Mystery

 Download full retreat information and pricing here.


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