Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI®)

“The mandala is not confined to religious or therapeutic uses, but can be used
as a valid path in its own right, as a vehicle for self-discovery” 

– Joan Kellogg


As a qualified Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI®) Practitioner I offer MARI® readings and consultations.. Finding itself in the domain of Art Therapy, MARI® was developed by American art therapist Joan Kellogg in the 1970’s. It is based on the work of Carl Jung, who pointed out that consciousness is comprised of four aspects: thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting. The MARI® process accesses all of these aspects. This process is applicable to individuals, couples and groups.

Also referred to as The Great Round, MARI® resembles the Cycle of Life’s Journey, from birth (entry) to death (disintegration) and transformation, which starts the whole cycle all over again. The MARI® board reflects 13 life stages which each has unique qualities, challenges, and requirements for growth. It also reflects four quadrants: Forming, Becoming, Manifesting and Dissolving / Re-birthing. The process of the MARI® reading is intuitive, which involves the client choosing symbols that they are attracted to, which are printed on see-through plastic cards, and these symbol cards are then matched with colour cards. The card choices are then placed on the appropriate stages on the MARI® board that the symbols represent and discussed.

What to expect from a MARI® reading session

It is only necessary to do a full MARI® reading every 6 months or so. The full reading is 90-minutes long and comprises the following:

•  Checking in with the client and explaining the process briefly.

•  The client has an opportunity to draw a mandala. This is not the structured mandala used for meditation or spiritual purposes, but a spontaneous drawing on a blank page with a circle drawn on it. The drawing also doesn’t have to remain within the boundaries of the circle.

• After completion of the mandala-drawing, the MARI® reading is done. A discussion follows on what the symbol – and colour card choices reveal.

• If time allows, a second mandala is drawn and a discussion of the mandalas and choice of colours follows. If time doesn’t allow for the second drawing, the client will be asked to do the drawing at home and send me a photograph of the drawing.

• I will send a short written summary of the discussion to the client, in order to continue the work needed.

• I will have a short 10-20 minute follow-up with the client after a week, which can be done telephonically or on Zoom.

Even though a full reading is done only every 6 months or so, MARI® symbol and colour cards as well as the drawing of mandalas can now be used with ease in future consultations with clients. It offers a whole range of new creative and spontaneous possibilities in the counselling and coaching process.

Details on the MARI® readings and packages that I offer are as follows:

• 90-minute full MARI® reading session, as described above: R 1 200.

• Counselling, coaching and self-development package: Full MARI® reading session plus 3×1-hour consultation sessions @ R 3 000.

• Healing and self-care package: Full MARI® reading session plus 1×1-hour consultation session and 2×1-hour Reiki treatments @ R 2 700.

•  Additional consultation sessions can be booked @ R 750 p/h or Reiki treatments @ R 500 p/h. 

Please note that all packages are pre-paid. Payment plans can be discussed, provided the full amount is paid before packages are taken up.


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