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We believe it is our responsibility as therapists to cultivate a growing awareness of the dominant (and potentially dominating) stories in our society and to develop ways of collaboratively examining the effects of those stories when we sense them at work in the lives and relationships of the people who consult with us.”

– Jill Freedman & Gene Combs

Seeking counselling is one of the most courageous steps in caring for the soul that a person can take. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for my clients who took the courage to trust a total stranger with the intimate details of their life stories that have become confusing, unbearable and sometimes traumatic. If you have taken this step and you are searching for counselling services, couples counselling, relationship or marriage counselling in the Durbanville and Kenridge areas, I welcome you to my page.

My approach to counselling is completely holistic, honouring every aspect of a client’s life: physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I strive towards creating a therapeutic environment that reflects unconditional acceptance and a safe space for self-expression. I see my role not as the expert with all the answers, but as a companion prepared to journey with my clients in search for better outcomes of problematic life situations. My role is not to give advice or offer solutions for my client’s problem story, but to ask questions and hold the space for a conversation that will in the end weave a fine golden thread of understanding and clarity out of the overwhelming and confusing situation. This will in the end offer the insight and answers that the client needs.

I draw a lot on the principles of Narrative Therapy which honours the client as the one with authority and knowledge, and draw on the strengths and knowledge of the client’s life and relationships which is normally not spoken about when the focus is only on the problem story. Where information is needed, I will offer it. Where skills development is needed, I will collaborate with my client on what is needed.

I invite you to contact me in order to start a journey of healing that will ultimately lead to the happiness and joy that you seek.

I offer the following Counselling Services in Kenridge, Durbanville, where my practice is situated:

Individual Counselling:

Very often the general concerns of life: excessive stress, health concerns, financial concerns, work issues and relationship difficulties all contribute to bringing us to a difficult place where everything feels completely overwhelming and we need counselling to help us make sense of it all. I offer the therapeutic space for individuals to process these life difficulties. In addition, if you are dealing with mood disorders like depression and anxiety, I will be able to assist, provided that we are able to contract for a referral for psychiatric assessment if necessary. If you are dealing with issues around the integration of your identity and sexual orientation, which often raises spiritual concerns and conflict, I will be able to assist. In the arena of health, I also offer HIV counselling, counselling around coping and managing disease and dealing with terminal illness, as well as substance use disorders.

LGBTQIA2S+ Counselling:

In spite of our country’s progressive constitution, the LGBTQIA2S+ community still remains marginalized and subject to discrimination, especially in faith communities. I offer counselling and support for individuals, couples, parents and families dealing with LGBTQIA2S+ identity concerns, especially around the integration of identity with spirituality and faith.

Couple Counselling:

In the present life-time we find ourselves in, where the focus is on excessive work demands and deadlines, where present economic circumstances raises a lot of stress and anxiety, and a host of other challenges, both internally and externally are faced, intimate relationships are under immense pressure. I offer relationship counselling and marriage counselling for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or religious affiliation, to help them cope with the difficulties their relationships are dealing with.

Trauma Counselling:

I offer trauma debriefing and trauma counselling for individuals, couples, families as well as groups in the case of immediate trauma, like accidents, death or robbery. I also offer counselling for individuals who are dealing with childhood traumas in adult life. I follow a Mindfulness process in helping clients cope with the effects of the trauma, and teach them self-help skills to deal with the trauma response.

Grief Counselling:

When a loved one dies, especially when there have been traumatic and multiple deaths, it is often difficult to process these losses on one’s own. It is then therefore needed to seek counselling. I offer grief counselling to individuals, couples and families dealing with such bereavement and loss.

Consultation Fees:

All counselling fees are R 750 p/h. 


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